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COVID-19 : CRMA participates in the "makers" collective boost


The pandemic that is currently affecting us has given rise to a great outpouring of solidarity towards the professions on the front line of this crisis, especially health care workers.

The world of "makers" contributes very actively to this dynamic, by manufacturing 3D printing of essential equipments.

Among all these initiatives, the manufacture of protective visors for hospital staff was one of the most remarkable in the “makers” community. A supply chain has even been set up, making it possible to link the makers, who have 3D printers, with the many applicants. The MRO Lab of CRMA being equipped with a 3D printer, it is quite naturally that we decided to put our expertise at the service of this cause and thus join this movement of solidarity.

After a re-design of the "public" model to optimize productivity, a first series of twenty "made in CRMA" visors was born last week. The goal now is to produce as much as possible, to feed the structures that need it. “These facilities were handed over to the agglomeration of Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines for redistribution to health services at first, and then to traders and law enforcement,” says Dimitri Jasmain Director of Industrial Strategy at CRMA.

  And it doesn’t stop at the provision of visors, Erwan Guérin, Head of Innovation at CRMA, says: «Through the "FAB&CO" network, of which CRMA is a member, we share the 3D models of "hands free" visors and door opening systems that we have designed. This so that they can be manufactured by other makers, and so that they benefit a maximum number of people».Similar initiatives, full of creativity were born within Air France Industries KLM E&M.


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