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CRMA is reorganizing its production scheduling with the implementation of a Flow Process Manager.

Seeking to provide its Customers with high quality services, CRMA has set several objectives in a project to reorganize workflow:

  • Improve incoming workload visibility
  • Reduce waiting times for on-going parts
  • Anticipate incidents
  • Be proactive in dealing with Customers

 For that purpose, the Supply Chain department is implementing targeted actions to optimize the use of resources, tools, teams and communication.

An internal audit has been conducted in May 2012 by the new Flow Process Manager, which enabled to redesign some processes: structuring the production through the automation of scheduling and the optimization of internal relations.

Thus an ERP software – Enterprise Resource Planning – will be displayed and will provide an overall production schedule that will enable to see workload by repair tasks. This will help anticipating delivery dates and therefore improving Customer communication by guaranteeing reliable information.

This reorganization plan is an essential step in CRMA's commitment to continuous improvement.


A new waste water treatment plant for January 2012

 Once again this year, CRMA has moved forward with its continuous improvement programme, running a large number of projects. The company wants to exceed regulatory requirements in an effort to achieve a considerable, lasting reduction in its environmental impact.  Thanks to financial assistance from the local water authority, Agence de l’Eau Seine-Normandie, the Company is equipping with a new waste water treatment plant, scheduled to come on stream in January 2012.

 Previously, CRMA treated the waste water from its surface treatment workshop in compliance with a Prefectoral decree, and discharged the waste water after treatment. In addition, any waste water from high-pressure cleaning processes and from surface treatment and non-destructive testing workshops that could not be depolluted was sent to an approved treatment centre.

From now on, the new treatment and recycling plant will allow CRMA to:

  • treat a greater volume of waste from surface treatment, paint stripping, high-pressure cleaning and non-destructive testing processes,

  • minimize waste by sending only concentrates to the approved treatment centre, which will decrease our environmental impact and transport-related risks,

  • reduce our water consumption by recycling it and re-using the resulting demineralized water.


As a result, the amount of hazardous waste from high-pressure paint stripping sent to the approved centre should fall from 250cu.m/year to 50cu.m/year, and the amount of water discharged from the old treatment plant should fall from 850cu.m/year to 0cu.m/year. All in all, CRMA will be able to recycle about 1,050cu.m. of water per year.



GE90-94 : an A to Z of repair and overhaul

Crowning a four-year development stage, CRMA, an AFI KLM E&M wholly owned subsidiary specializing in engine parts repair, has obtained General Electric approval to repair GE90-94 combustion chambers. Already a Primary Repair Source approved by GE for Engine Alliance GP7200 TCF and combustion chamber, with this latest capability gained by CRMA, AFI KLM E&M can now offer more in house repairs on components and modules of the Very Big Engines.

Since 17th February this year, the approval has allowed CRMA to repair GE90-94 combustion chambers. With this new capability, AFI KLM E&M is now able to offer the full spectrum of maintenance and repair work on this version of the VBE. “We focused first on the GE90-94,” explained CRMA Marketing & Sales General Manager Yves Cosaque. “By capitalizing on the AIR FRANCE KLM fleet, we can offer our third-party customers best-quality service at attractive prices.” This is because CRMA know-how makes it possible to significantly reduce combustion chamber repair costs by cutting TAT by close to 40%.

The only market alternative to the OEM

With CRMA, AFI KLM E&M is thus the only MRO worldwide to be in a position to repair GE90-94 combustion chambers apart from the manufacturer itself in the United States. With the majority of GE90-94 fleets being operated in Europe, CRMA’s geographic situation is a guarantee for many carriers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East of having a repair shop on their doorstep, so to speak. CRMA’s ability to carry out repairs using a process developed in-house in line with the manufacturer’s specifications is ample proof of its know-how and technical expertise on latest-generation engines. CRMA is also aiming to broaden its VBE offering by developing the same type of repair processes for the higher-thrust GE90-115. AFI KLM E&M will thus be the only MRO to offer this capability, based on the experience of a world-class fleet operator.