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GE90-115 harnesses: 2 new PN

In order to have a capalist that is still accurate to the needs of our customers, CRMA is adding new part numbers for GE90-115 harnesses. Thanks to the researches of our teams especially for the feasibility, we are now able to repair W717 & W718 Nacelle Electrical Harnesses. The W717 Nacelle Electrical Harness (P/N 351-701-302-0) connects T12 Lower Break-A to T12 Sensor-A; the W718 Nacelle Electrical Harness (P/N 351-701-402-0) provides electrical interconnection between T12 Upper Break-B and T12 Sensor-B.

These harnesses’ specificity is their heat shrinkable sheaths that are required for the warm parts of the engine.

Our teams, once again, raised up the challenge of being able to propose this new repair.



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CRMA @ MRO Middle East (Dubaï) January 23 & 24, 2018


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