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June 23rd 2014 : ULTRA PROJECT, CRMA attends the final meeting


One of the major  strategies of the CRMA industrial policy is our  partnership with engineering schools and public organizations such as research & development centers.



The ULTRA project is based on the study of laser welding on thermal barrier coated parts. This is an example of one initiative that illustrates these partnerships.

Antoine Martin, Repair Development Manager, one of the speakers on the 23rd June, comments:

“We attended  the final meeting for the ULTRA project, supported by the ANR (the French Agency for Research) in collaboration with the industrial users or laser system manufacturers (Safran-Snecma/ Rofin Lasag/ laser Metrologie) and also research centers or universities. Each member of the project presented their conclusions and made their  assessment and perspectives. This meeting allowed us to measure the importance of the technological and scientific developments  that were reached over the last 4 years, regarding the understanding of these phenomenon that occur during laser interaction on multi-coat materials when drilling the part. Furthermore when participating in such a project we have the objective of improving our industrial processes.”

CRMA, Center of Excellence in engine parts repair within Air France Industries- KLM E&M, is one of the few shops in the world equipped with a state-of-the art laser drilling machine.

Using and perfecting this type of industrial tool has allowed us, among other things, to be the only shop in the world (except for OEM), to repair GE90 and GP7000 multi-hole combustion chamber. This technology will be applied for the next generation of engines (Genx, Leap).

With our genuine know-how and our wide experience, CRMA is committed to creating research partnerships in order to contribute to the development and improvement of innovative technologies that will be deployed on future aeronautical programmes.

As a result, CRMA can take advantage of ULTRA to perfect its technological and industrial skills in order to offer the best service to its Customer.


Thierry LUBIN appointed CRMA Vice-President Marketing & Sales


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Meet CRMA at Aero-Engine London May 7th & 8th , and at AP&M London May 6th to 8th 2014 , AFI KLM E&M booth nr F54


Will be present :

Thierry LUBIN  Sales and Marketing Director - Speaker at Aero-Engine 8th

Elisa LEVEL  Sales Manager (at AP&M  May 6th & 7th)

Aurélien JACQUEMARD Customer Support Manager (at AP&M May 7th, Aero-Engine May 8th)

Aminata TRAORE Marketing Manager (at AP&M May 7th, Aero-Engine May 8th)